Monday, December 5, 2011

My thighs are cold in this snowy weather

I can't believe it, this year's first snowfall just came and I was only wearing a mini-skirt and my cute little butt was freezing into ice. I was with my girlfriend and we went home to her place. We made hot chocolate and cuddle up in her bed. She asked: "Do you want me to warm you up?" Ooooh, yes I needed it! So I took of my skirt and laid on my stomache with my thong tearing into my butt crack. Her hands were so warm and she massaged my legs, then thighs and finally my butt. Oh her hands were so smooth and warm. And I dreamt away that I was in the Bahamas with a big large cocky guy. Just as I would expect before beginning to fuck so that the sweat would cover my body! Hmmm, what should I write on my wish list to Santa?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Item 1009

Girls panties in lycra, size 42

Item 1008

My used razor which cleaned my pussy together with baby oil! There's still hair on it!

Off to a work interview!

Now I'm going to a work interview, feel a little bit daisy from yesterday night's adventures. I've shaved my legs and pussy and decided to wear a pair of tight jeans and a thong. The pantie's thong will feel great against my cherry anus!

Item 1007

Girls panties with lace, size 40

Item 1006

Pink see through panties, size 40

My little WC fuck!

Went out clubbing yesterday, and as the alkohol started to rush in my bloodstreams a horny sensation filled me. Quite a few men flirted with me but I was looking for that man with the word fuck written on his forhead. A tall guy, i presume in his forties, cruised me in the dark spaces of the club. He had thick and dark hair. The most amazing eyes. He asked me if I wanted a drink, and I accepted a glass of white wine. I was now so sweaty underneath my panties. My whole pussy just screamed for one thing. As I gave him a long and sexy stair, I informed him I was heading towards the toilet. I didn't dare to look back but hoped so much that he would follow me. I didn't lock the toilet door as I sat down, pull my panties down. I started to pee. The door opened, and there he was standing. I stod up, and showed my back to him. He came inside the cubicle, locked the door, put is finger inside my pussy. He hold me firmly and pushed his cock inside of me. It didn't take long before we where both sweaty, and I hope the club music would censur a little bit of the sound of his dick pushing in and out of my sweaty pussy. He came inside of me, and it felt great. After he was finished he just left. I was back there alone in the cubicle masturbating and feeling with my fingers his cum that was inside of me.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Item 1005

Girls panties in lycra, size large

Item 1004

My big fat dildo!

A memory...

When I woke up this morning, I felt so wet! But I had to go on the toilet to let myself pee. When I sat there I was going to wipe my pussy but I felt there were going to come more so I threw the tissue down the toilet and I continued to pee. A warm stream covered my hand. I became so horny! Then I went back to bed, and grabbed for my dildo. The big dildo! The size of it felt enormous, and so good! My pussy ate it, and soon I was squirting my fat orgasm! I like to let my pussy squirt, especially in my panties! And now I wonder who wants to buy it?

Item 1003

Girls panties with lace, size 40

Item 1002

Girls panties in lycra, size 44

Item 1001

Girls panties size 40

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