Monday, December 5, 2011

My thighs are cold in this snowy weather

I can't believe it, this year's first snowfall just came and I was only wearing a mini-skirt and my cute little butt was freezing into ice. I was with my girlfriend and we went home to her place. We made hot chocolate and cuddle up in her bed. She asked: "Do you want me to warm you up?" Ooooh, yes I needed it! So I took of my skirt and laid on my stomache with my thong tearing into my butt crack. Her hands were so warm and she massaged my legs, then thighs and finally my butt. Oh her hands were so smooth and warm. And I dreamt away that I was in the Bahamas with a big large cocky guy. Just as I would expect before beginning to fuck so that the sweat would cover my body! Hmmm, what should I write on my wish list to Santa?

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